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CDM Group currently represents 50 companies that manufacture a wide range of prescription pharmaceuticals, over-the-counter and personal products. Commonwealth Drugs and Medical Supplies Company has a staff of 28 in its sales and distribution area and operates from a 40,000 square foot warehouse that allows us to fulfill even the most demanding requirements of our marketplace.


In our warehouse, we take into consideration our tropical climate, paying very close attention to temperature regulation so our facilities have been designed to allow proper handling and storage conditions for even the most delicate products, including refrigerated and temperature controlled items. This state-of-the-art system is backed up by a 350KW generator to ensure the protection of perishable goods so we are always able to serve our customers. This fully equipped warehouse enables our experienced staff to deliver our clients’ orders in an efficient and timely manner.


The business of CDM Group is caring for the health and wellbeing of all those who use the fine products it is our privilege to represent. Our Company is proud to set the standard for quality service and professional care in The Bahamas and throughout the Caribbean region. We take pleasure in demonstrating that to all of our established customers as well as those who will join our family of satisfied clients in the future.


Pedro Roberts III is the CEO at Commonwealth Drugs and Medical Supplies Company, following in the footsteps of his father, a true pioneer in the Bahamian pharmaceutical industry, the late Pedro Roberts II.



1991 - 2016

CDM Group (formerly Commonwealth Drugs and Medical Supplies) is a supplier to hospitals, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, clinics and other medical facilities throughout The Bahamas and the Caribbean.


We take pride in not only the range of our health care products, but also the high level of service we provide all of our clients, large and small.


In recent years, after closely observing the needs of the market we serve, CDM Group has expanded to include the distribution of personal care and cosmetic items.


This increased diversity of product lines also enables the Company to supply the large number of professional beauty salons throughout The Bahamas with the finest in treatments and colors, as well as a full line of hair care items.


The addition of premier pharmaceutical and over-the-counter (OTC) manufacturers into our product family has firmly established Commonwealth Drugs and Medical Supplies Company as an internationally recognized business entity.


As a result of extending the scope of our product line, Commonwealth Drugs and Medical Supplies Company has expanded considerably, now standing among the global leaders of the pharmaceutical and health and beauty distribution companies.

Mr. E.Pedro Roberts

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Mimi Roberts

Ethical Manager

Mr. E. Danny Price

Operations Manager

Mrs. Cheryl L. Rolle

Client Relations/ Accounts Receivables Manager


Antonio Lubin

I.T. Manager

In addition to our distribution activities, Commonwealth Drugs and Medical Supplies Company operates a division under the label Medical Rentals that rents hospital equipment, like special beds and wheel chairs, for the home care market and to meet the needs of the physically challenged.


To make our service to our suppliers more complete, Commonwealth Drugs and Medical Supplies Company has a professional in-house marketing and computer graphics department that specializes in advertising and promoting our products in innovative and unique ways calculated to captivate the consumer.


As part of our carefully designed plan to market the products in our portfolio, we also support continuing education projects geared specifically towards healthcare personnel and other specialists in our fields of interest.




CDM has embarked on an initiative to update and enhance its Human Resource initiatives.


We have engaged a seasoned Human Resource Consultant and have introduced a new Employee Handbook, reviewed our reporting structure and delivered an updated Organization Structure.


We have commenced an employee survey for all employees of the CDM Group and will be implementing recommendations received from our employees.


In addition, we are implementing Leadership Training for all of our Managers and Supervisors and additional training for our line staff.

We are also introducing a Performance Management System to enhance employee feedback and productivity.


We have implemented a Human Resource Information System in the near future to enhance our employee records and reporting systems.


We are also looking forward to the introduction of the new Occupational Health & Safety regulations so we can ensure that our procedures and processes are first class.


We are doing what is necessary to have a fully operational Human Resource division so that our employees have the best service we can provide.

Commonwealth Drugs

& Medical Supplies Co. Ltd.


P.O. Box N-1145

Commonwealth Plaza

East Street South

Nassau, Bahamas

Main Switchboard: 242-322-3256


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Fax Line: (242) 356-2323

Accounts (242) 323-2871

Purchasing (242) 323-6248


General Enquiries


Mr. Enoch Pedro Roberts IIB.

Sc. Pharm. Rph. M.B.E.


As a consummate professional who was meticulous in every facet of his life and accepted nothing but excellence, The late Mr. E. Pedro Roberts II was one of the first university trained and licensed Pharmacists in The Bahamas, blazing a trail in this industry.


A keen interest in science subjects was influenced by his father (the great E.P. Roberts Sr.), who had received formal training in Biology, Chemistry and Woodwork in 1936 at the former Tuskegee Institute (now Tuskegee University). E. P. Senior guided is E.P. II into the technical schools in 1952 as a pupil science teacher under Mr. Robert Cunningham, a Scotsman on contract to the then Board of Education. E.P. II and Claudius Lafleur, both pupil science teachers, attended the Continuing Education Evening Schools at both Western Junior School under Mr. Carlton Francis and Eastern Senior School under Mr. Donald Davis, and, with the assistance of Woolsley Hall (an Oxford University Extension Studies), successfully completed various G.C.E. Examinations.


Mr. Roberts joined the British Caribbean Meteorological Service where he served as an Assistant Meteorologist for a short period. He then applied and was accepted to the prestigious Temple University’s School of Pharmacy Program in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1957. During his studies at Temple, E. P. II spent three years at Hampton's Pharmacy and Gumbs' Pharmacy in retail practice and at Mercy Douglas Hospital and Temple University Hospital in hospital pharmacy and pharmacy administration. The late Francis Nicholas, Chief Pharmacist of Mercy Douglas Hospital played a major role in Mr. Roberts’ Hospital practice.


In 1961 Mr. Roberts graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy and continued to practice in both Mercy Douglas Hospital pharmacy during the day and Hampton's Pharmacy in the evening. In January 1962, after the Government of the Bahamas established the post of Senior Pharmacist to accommodate someone with Mr. Roberts’ high level of training, he returned to The Bahamas and worked at The Princess Margaret Hospital (P.M.H.) in Nassau.


While working at P.M.H. as Senior Pharmacist, Mr. Roberts took courses in Clinical Pharmacy at Mercy Douglas Hospital, Long Island, New York and Nassau County Hospital, New York. Then, upon the retirement of Mr. G. Bert Strachan, Mr. Roberts was promoted to the post of Chief Pharmacist, a position he held substantively until his retirement from the public service in 1987.During 1969, he acted for a short period as Hospital Administrator of P.M.H. and from 1984 to 1987 acted as Director of Materials Management, Bahamas Ministry of Health.


Mr. Roberts taught Pharmacology and Drug Dosage from Application at The Bahamas School of Nursing for almost his entire tenure at P.M.H. Additionally, he was a Pharmacy Preceptor to local pharmacy apprentices, lecturing in pharmacology, pharmaceuticals and clinical pharmacology. As a consequence, many pharmacists in active practice in The Bahamas even today have learned from Mr. Roberts.


Mr. Roberts:

  • Served as President of the Bahamas Pharmaceutical Association
  • Served executive offices in the Caribbean Association of Pharmacists
  • Occupied the Americas Regional Executive position of the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association for many years.
  • Appointed to a special committee sponsored by the United Nation's Agency to develop programs and strategies for pharmaceutical development in the Caribbean through the Caribbean Community
  • Appointed to task force by United Nations to develop program on Illicit Drug Detection and Destruction through the Attorney General, The Commonwealth of The Bahamas and Foreign Affairs Ministry of Mexico
  • Chartered member of the Kiwanis Club of Fort Montague
  • Founding member and later President of Toastmasters Club 1600
  • Served faithfully and selflessly as member, Senior Society Steward & Congregational Board Chairman, St. Michaels Methodist Church
  • These professional involvements afforded him the opportunity to represent The Bahamas in many countries of the world and the Caribbean Island, meeting many Prime Ministers and Heads of State and other influential persons from The British Commonwealth of Nations.
  • Was honored and awarded Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, M.B.E. in 2004 for his long, outstanding service and contribution to development of Pharmacy in The Bahamas
  • Was bestowed “Pharmacist of the Century” by the Bahamas Pharmaceutical Association for his dedication and unwavering devotion to the field of Pharmacy


His love for medicine, pharmacy, community health, the desire to succeed and impact the lives of many, while still being an astute businessman fueled the creation of Commonwealth Drug & Medical Supplies Co. Ltd., and The Apothecary Pharmacy along with other business ventures. Mr. Roberts was also well known in the region for his oratorical skills, his involvement in all aspects of debates during conferences and his powerful representation of Bahamian interests at regional meetings.


Today, under the visionary leadership of his son, Pedro Roberts III, the team at Commonwealth Drugs and Medical Supplies Company continues to carry on and improve upon the legacy of Mr. Roberts II, with the same drive and motivation, carrying Commonwealth Drugs and Medical Supplies Company to greater heights, reaching and exceeding its founder’s goals and dreams.



Based in a self-contained facility, CDM offers first class support in every aspect of pharmacy and medical needs. Whether by telephone, email or fax, orders are filled efficiently and delivered twice per day to all local pharmacies and medical institutions. Our in-house logistical department manages and tracks all off-island shipments in addition to the brokerage of all our imports. Medicine is important, therefore CDM goes out of its way to take care of its customers.


Our facilities are designed to ensure quality control of all the products we distribute. Items that need refrigeration are handled properly from shipment to storage. Our medicals warehouse is temperature-controlled and can meet the needs of any product that requires special temperature and storage for proper administration. The warehouse also considers factors such as moisture control and proper handling of packages to ensure that clients receive the medication in its truest essence. We are the distributors for major Schedule 1-4 controlled substances, and we are the licensed importer of these substances.


The Consumer Division offers a full-service experience, providing the highest quality products at the best prices, full sales support, free product order delivery, and professional product merchandising service. We pride ourselves on prompt, courteous delivery and service to all clients, whether in Nassau, the Family Islands, or the Turks & Caicos Islands.


Our goal is to become the leading Wholesale Distributor of Over-the-Counter Medication, Herbal Remedies, Baby Care, Family Planning, Personal Hygiene, Oral, Diabetic, and Paper Products, Disability Medical Equipment, House Hold Products, Office & School Supplies, and Beverages in the Bahamas & Beyond.


This is the destination our company’s founder envisioned so many years ago; and through hard work and a Total Customer Satisfaction attitude, every team member is determined to maintain this standard.

The Beauty Division is the country’s leading supplier of top quality cosmetic, skin, & hair care products, creating strong partnerships with our Professional Cosmetologists, Make-up Artists and our Retail partners.


We stock over 2000 Cosmetic, Skin & Hair Care brands ranging from foundation liquids, powders, press & loose, mascara, eye liners, concealer, shadow, pencils, lip stick, gloss, lip liners, nail polish, clear polish, press-on & acrylic nails, face & body soap, cleansers, lotions, toners, sun protection, shampoo, conditioners, styling products, relaxers, hair dyes & rinses, oil treatment, natural hair care & waxes.



Mr. E.Pedro Roberts

Chief Executive Officer


E. Pedro Roberts III is Chief Executive Officer of Commonwealth Drugs & Medical Supplies Co. Ltd.


He was appointed CEO after having served as Managing Director under the leadership of his father and Company founder, the late Mr. E. Pedro Roberts II. Mr. Roberts III is dedicated to strategically focusing the business of Commonwealth Drugs and Medical Supplies Company on healthcare with Pharmaceuticals as its core. During his years as Managing Director, Mr. Roberts enhanced and expanded the Company product line by creating a Consumer’s Division, consisting of hair and personal care products.


He is inspired by the same motivation as was his father: implementing strong pioneering initiatives and ensuring access to medicines and consumer products that are not otherwise available in The Bahamas. Through Commonwealth Drugs and Medical Supplies Company, he endeavors to make a difference in The Bahamas. By teamwork, desire, encouraging initiative and fostering follow-through in all the Company’s transactions, he continues in the footsteps of his father, making Commonwealth Drugs and Medical Supplies Company known both locally and internationally as a pivotal player and the number one pharmaceutical supplier in The Bahamas.

Ms. Mimi Roberts

Ethical Manager


Mimi Roberts has been a Certified Pharmacist for the past 10 years and a member of the Bahamas Pharmaceutical Association. Ms. Roberts serves in the capacity of Ethicals Manager.


Prior to this appointment, Ms. Roberts gained her experience in retail pharmacy at her own establishment, The Apothecary Pharmacy. Her role as Ethicals Manager at Commonwealth Drugs includes marketing, promoting and introducing quality healthcare products to The Bahamas. Her experience and knowledge has brought about consistently strong customer service levels and quality performance. Ms. Roberts is a proud mother of two children, Ashley and Alexander.

Mr. E. Danny Price

Operations Manager


Well-versed in the pharmaceutical field, Danny Price serves as Operations Manager for Commonwealth Drugs & Medical Supplies Co. Ltd. Before joining the Company, he worked for 13 years at the Bahamas Ministry of Health in the field of Laboratory Science

Antonio Lubin

IT Manager


He comes with a wealth of experience in IT and Technical Services management. Mr. Lubin specializes in networking and IT security. He holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology. He joined the CDM Group four years ago, and has been instrumental in advancing the IT capacity and new software procurement for the company.

Mrs. Cheryl L. Rolle

Client Relations/ Accounts Receivables Manager.


She has two decades of experience in the financial services industry. CDM Group is happy to have Mrs. Rolle join its team, coming from 18 years in the banking business. She hold a Bachelors in Finance, and is certified in Anti-Money Laundering.


She is directly responsible for the four accounts receivable clerks that represent the Accounts Department.